Wednesday, October 26, 2016

"Another Day, Another Dali" by Sandra Orchard - a fun mystery with a quirky cast

#2: Another Day, Another Dali  -     By: Sandra Orchard
When FBI Special Agent Serena Jones takes on a forgery case for her grandmother's friend, she hopes that it will be a simple case of returning a masterpiece they'd recently recovered in a bust, but it turns out the Dali isn't the only painting that has been replaced by a forgery. Between this case, a connection to her grandfather's unsolved murder years before, and another FBI case she's been helping out with, Serena's got a lot to juggle--and a pretty large pool of people who are unhappy with her. At least one of which appears to be out to murder her. But isn't that just a typical day's work for an FBI agent?

I enjoy a good mystery, and this one is plenty mysterious. But even more than the mysteries (both the current art forgery case and the cold case of Serena's murdered grandfather), I love the characters that Orchard has created. All of them are fun and quirky; from Serena's family who are way too good at reading her, to her best friend and her friend's Casanova cousin; to Tanner (who's way more than just a co-worker), to her eccentric apartment neighbors. I'm growing suspicious that there's more to Aunt Martha than meets the eye. And Nate, of course--there's something definitely going on with him. Which brings me to:

Nate or Tanner? Tanner or Nate? Which will it be that she falls in love with? The suspense is killing me. Both are great guys. And every time one of them looks like he's winning, I start feeling sorry for the other one and rooting for him instead. I'm doomed to be disappointed. And thrilled. I'm stuck in the same boat as Serena--I really like both of them. It's good writing to be able to make two very different yet equally appealing heroes.

As Serena's search for her grandfather's murderer--and her indecisive love life--are not yet solved, I am highly looking forward to book three. And for the record, I adore the clever titles in this series.

Thank you Revell for providing a free book. I was not required to make a positive review, and all opinions are my own.

Serena Jones Mysteries
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2. Another Day, Another Dali
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