Friday, October 14, 2016

Irene Hannon's "Tangled Webs"

Tangled Webs #3In the final Men of Valor book, Finn McGregor, a retired Army Ranger, secludes himself in a remote cabin while trying to recover from a mission gone wrong. Publishing Executive Dana Lewis is staying at the neighboring cabin she inherited from her grandfather. When someone starts vandalizing her property, Finn helps protect her, and they work together to discover who is behind it. As the pranks escalate, it turns out relaxing in the woods is not an option for either one of them.

There's not a hint of mystery with this novel. Just pure suspense. You know the villain is planning on upping the game; you just don't know exactly how or when. Only that it will be soon, and it's going to go from bad to worse.

When reading a Hannon book, you know you can depend on a complex villain as well as complex protagonists. Even so, I was surprised by her incredible characterization of the conflicted sheriff, who is neither a villain nor one of the romantic leads. He's sympathetic. Likeable. A good guy. But he makes some bad choices. It's definitely an example of how even good people can be put into a position of great temptation and fail to run away. The title certainly applies to him.

I liked how Finn and Dana complemented each other; both have recently been through a traumatic experience, and it helps them understand each other--a safe person to open up too. I highly enjoyed Finn's interactions with his brothers; they definitely acted like family--both loving and annoying. Buried Secrets is still my favorite of the trilogy, but I enjoyed this conclusion to the series.

Thank you Revell for providing a free book to review; I was not required to make the review positive, and all opinions are my own.

Men of Valor
1. Buried Secrets
2. Thin Ice
3. Tangled Webs

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