Monday, July 10, 2017

Sandra Orchard's "Over Maya Dead Body" -- fun mystery, quirky characters

Over Maya Dead Body (Serena Jones Mystery #3)Serena Jones is off on vacation with her nosy, intrusive family, when they stumble across a dead body and the distinct possibility of an antiquities smuggling ring. Serena is determined to help on the case, but after an attempt on her life, next thing she knows both the men in her life--her FBI coworker Tanner and her mysterious apartment building superintendent Nate--arrive on the island to help her out. If the case hadn't been complicated enough before, the two guys butting heads form a mighty distraction--and at the rate things are going, a distraction might just get her killed.

Wow, I was afraid this book was going to leave me hanging--it was getting right down to the wire when certain...[cough]...things I've been waiting on since Book the First were resolved. Both Nate and Tanner are great guys--if a little frustrating on occasion for needing to show the other up--and both make terrific heroes. The decision between them has been a long time in coming! And I think I'm satisfied with the result (though I confess I may have waffled back and forth a few dozen times during the series).

We finally get to find out more about Nate's past (and the past of a certain other character of whom I had been growing suspicious), which was quite satisfying. I love how Serena's quirky family plays such a large role in the series, especially nosy, old Great-Aunt Martha, and how she's become more of a side-kick to Serena than a liability. Well, mostly. There's no one who can find trouble like Aunt Martha, though Serena certainly takes after her in that regard. I love the stories more for the characters than for the cases they investigate.

I do recommend reading books one and two first--while not altogether necessary, there are a number of references to them in this book, plus they're plain fun. While this appears to be the final novel in the series, there's certainly room for more Serena Jones mysteries; I'd love it if the series were continued! While I enjoy the genre, I don't keep many mystery/suspense novels, but these are a permanent fixture on my shelf!

Thank you Revell for providing a free book; I was not required to write a positive review, and all opinions are my own.

Serena Jones Mysteries
1. A Fool and His Monet
2. Another Day, Another Dali
3. Over Maya Dead Body

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