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"With This Ring?" novella collection by Witemeyer, Jennings, Connealy, and Jagears

With This Ring?: A Novella Collection of Proposals Gone AwryKaren Witemeyer, Regina Jennings, Mary Connealy, and Melissa Jagears have put together a humorous novella collection of four stories of "proposals gone awry."

Karen Witemeyer's story, "The Husband Maneuver," delves into the world of dime novels, and each chapter begins with a portion of a "Dead-Eye Dan" story. Of course the real Dead-Eye Dan doesn't have much in common with his overblown fictitious persona, but his road to romance proves just as rocky. I loved the creativity of it, not to mention the humor.

"Her Dearly Unintended" by Regina Jennings: It was fun to see Josiah Huckabee as a man, after being introduced to him as a child in a previous novel. Of course, considering the young troublemaker he was, one can hardly expect the course of love to run smooth for him. I highly enjoyed the twist in the tale. It had been a good story up to that point, but that twist really makes the story.

"Runaway Bride" by Mary Connealy: It may be a little overwhelming with names for people who haven't read the series (plural), but having read them, I thoroughly enjoyed a return to the fun characters (as well as another instance of Connealy's tendency to intertwine series). It definitely fits the western shoot-out feel of the the other books about Big John's friends, who remain themselves even some years later. And there were a lot of sneaky references to her book/series titles hidden within the tale.

"Engaging the Competition" by Melissa Jagears: Though the least funny of the four, it has a fun role reversal - the heroine is the tough, half-educated sharp-shooter, while the hero excels in pedagogy.

The stories themselves have no connection to each other other than being historical westerns on a proposal theme, but they form a fine collection - rich with humor, full of grace. I liked that most of them were built on previously established relationships. Having read most of the books published by these four authors, I especially enjoyed that the stories in this collection are connected to the full-length novels - in most cases, a secondary character who finally gets their story told. Or in the case of Melissa Jagears's tale, it is the prequel to her new series, giving a sample of what is to come.

The Husband Maneuver (A Worthy Pursuit, #1.5)For related reading, in chronological order according to series by author, enjoy:

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By Mary Connealy (in chronological order)
Prequel: "Closer than Brothers: Surviving Andersonville" (e-novella)

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Runaway Bride (With This Ring? Collection; Kincaid Brides; Trouble in Texas)2. Fired Up
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"Runaway Bride"

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0.5: "The Boden Birthright" (e-novella)
1. No Way Up
2. Long Time Gone
Engaging the Competition (Teaville Moral Society, #0.5)3. Too Far Down (October 2017)

Teaville Moral Society by Melissa Jagears
0.5 "Engaging the Competition"
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2. A Love So True
2.5: "Tied and True" (novella in Hearts Entwined)
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