Friday, May 6, 2016

Patricia Bradley's "Silence in the Dark"

Cover ArtShortly after spying an illegal poppy field in cartel territory in Mexico, Bailey Adams is planning on leaving the country to escort a young student to her grandparents' in the States. However, before they can catch their flight, not only does Bailey run into her ex-fiance, Danny Maxwell, but the cartel sets upon them, chasing them through the town. With Danny's help--and the help of strangers--they manage to avoid the cartel, but will the States provide safety? Or will danger follow them home?

Lots of suspense and action in this book! It was fun trying to figure out who was secretly connected to the cartel; there are enough sketchy characters that even though I had a pretty good guess, I couldn't quite be sure until the end. I also like that it built on a previous relationship of Bailey and Danny; it feels a lot more natural that they'd fall in together in escaping the cartel than a brand new relationship would have.

In some ways it seemed like Bailey and Danny didn't have as much of a stake in the book; the focus is more on protecting little Maria than worrying about Bailey's brief glimpse of the illegal poppy field. Then it also felt like Bailey shouldn't have so much authority over Maria's welfare when others around have significantly stronger--even if somewhat controversial--claims to the child. Less responsible people would have walked away and spared themselves some difficulties and trauma.

This book ties in really well with the second of the series, solving some of the mystery left at the end of that one. It has been some time since I read it and the details have gone rather fuzzy, yet I could still follow this one just fine; so I'd say it can be read stand-alone or in the series (series recommended, of course).

Thank you Revell for providing a free book to review; I was not required to make the review positive, and all opinions are my own.

Logan Point
1. Shadows of the Past
2. A Promise to Protect
3. Gone Without a Trace
4. Silence in the Dark 

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