Monday, May 23, 2016

"Every Bride Has Her Day" by Janice Thompson - weddings, romantic comedy, and more weddings

Cover ArtIn the final Brides With Style novel, after a bumpy and unorthodox journey to love, Katie Fisher is finally about to have her big day, but every friend and relative is jumping at the chance to help her plan her wedding. While she appreciates the thought, she'd sort of like the chance to do it herself, assuming she can find time with all the other celebrations loading her calendar. Can she both stand her ground and keep the peace?

Thompson finishes off Katie's story with a suitably bumpy (and humorous) planning and execution of her wedding. All the fun cast has returned, with good old Aunt Alva trying to steal the show. She really is the best character in the series, especially with the running joke regarding the radio show (read books one and two first for the full comedic effect).

Wow, were there weddings in this book! Katie's I was expecting, but not so many more! There is a point in which all the focus on weddings begins to feel overwhelming--though an important milestone, it really shouldn't be the best day of a bride or groom's life (if it is, it's not saying much good about their marriage). However, I did appreciate the variety demonstrated in the story - from themed to not, simple to overwhelming, inexpensive to higher end. No one style of wedding is perfect for everyone, as the story points out.

In between the weddings and romantic comedy, there are some sober moments too. It's tough to be in Jane's place, where everyone else around is getting married or falling in love and she's not; singleness can be a hard load to bear, even when one knows to entrust God with it. Then there are simple misunderstandings that can split friendships apart, yet sometimes all it takes is a simple action to bring them back together again.

Thank you Revell for providing a free book in exchange for review; I was not required to make the review positive, and all opinions are my own.

Brides With Style
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