Monday, November 2, 2015

Janice Thompson's "Every Bride Needs a Groom" - a funny story out of an embarrassing predicament

Cover ArtIn the first Brides With Style book, Katie Fischer writes the winning essay for a dream wedding dress--the only problem is, on the day she wins, her not-quite-a-fiance becomes decidedly Not A Groom. So with no marriage prospects whatsoever, Katie decides she has to do the right thing and explain that she can't accept the dress. However, pressure comes from a number of quarters to accept it anyway. But then, what will happen when the pro basketball player who is running the shop--a perfect gentleman who could be more than a friend--finds out her embarrassing story?

Oh the horror--the embarrassment--the dread! I can only imagine that horrible, sinking, pit-of-the-stomach feeling of winning something so incredible as a multi-thousand dollar wedding dress, only to suddenly have no prospect of a groom. And to have to explain why you can't accept it? [shudder]. It is a situation I'm glad I should never have to face.

But the story is definitely focused on the humor of the situation, not the drama. And there certainly is humor!

I enjoyed the family dynamics, from the romantic (but a little crotchety) grandmother, to the overwhelmed mother-of-three cousin, to the three annoying brothers, to the estranged great-aunt, to the mother who's a little too protective of her full-grown babies . . . It makes for a humorous cast. But I liked Katie most of all, who tries to be honest about her situation and has trouble not letting everyone push her around. She's a great narrator, grasping the humor of the situation, but still honest with herself.

And to put a very masculine man in charge of a prestigious bridal shop--inspired. Just because a guy is good at sports doesn't mean he can't be good with brides too.

It's a cute story. I could almost see it ending there, if I didn't know there was a second book to the series.

Thank you Revell and NetGalley for providing an e-copy to review; I was not required to make the review positive, and all opinions are my own.

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