Friday, November 20, 2015

Becky Wade's "Love in the Details" - a poignant, well-written novella

During their freshman year of college, Holly broke up with Josh to give him a chance at a better life--and he went on to become a millionaire genius in the IT world, while she stayed home in small-town Texas. Now, eight years later, Holly is acting as wedding coordinator at her church, and Josh flies home from Paris to be best man in his friend's wedding. Both still in love with the other, neither completely over the hurt--will they get past the fear and follow God's timing in their lives?

Love in the Details: A November Wedding Story - eBook  -     By: Becky Wade
I love Becky wade's style of humor. Even though it's a moving story and swoon-worthy romance, Holly's perspective on life has such a delightful touch of humor. I also enjoyed the subtle encouragement to writers (Holly being a novelist) - "Well, it didn't look like genius would be forthcoming today. She'd settle for mediocre hogwash. Then, at least, she'd have something to work with. Hard to edit and revise blank pages." (46) - So true.

If you want a sample of Wade's writing, this is absolutely true to her novels, but on a smaller scale - funny, poignant, romantic, with an emotional punch and uplifting spiritual thread. And hard to remain dry-eyed all the way through. And if you want a high quality novella, then absolutely read this one. It's rare that I think a novella would not be improved by lengthening it, but this is one of the few - any longer, and it might actually lose impact. It's perfect as it is. 5 stars!

Thank you Zondervan and NetGalley for providing an e-copy for review; I was not required to make the review positive, and all opinions are my own.

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