Monday, July 6, 2015

"In Good Company" by Jen Turano - an absolute delight

Cover ArtBy society standards, Millie Longfellow is probably the worst nanny to ever roam the earth. She has been fired from more jobs than anyone else at the job agency. But then, Everett Mulberry's wards are probably the worst children on the planet, if one goes by the number of nannies they've gone through in the past few months, and the job agency isn't keen to help him anymore either. Out of options, Everett is forced to hire Millie to watch his wards

With a nod to The Sound of Music, In Good Company is a delightful, fairy tale-like story that warms the insides and tickles the funny bone. Turano's characteristic humor is in full force--I love the situations Millie finds herself in, and those devious children make for an endless supply of amusement. However, the infectious humor does not prevent some tender moments of hurt and healing.

One thing I really admire about Millie is that even though she should have the self-esteem of a lonely, wet, abandoned puppy after being fired from so many jobs, she still knows her worth. She knows that she is a good nanny, and she knows that it isn't her love of children--exhibited both in tenderness and the ability to discipline--that gets her fired; it is simply her unconventional methods, of which society does not generally approve. It is encouraging to see someone go about her job with the confidence, yet she is not puffed up in pride or false humility.

There are a number of themes that are fairly stereotypical to romances--the Wicked Other Woman, the servant falling for the employer, winning over the children to win over the parent--but Turano combines them into a delightful tale that warms the heart. For a good, clean, Christian romantic comedy, look no further! And I have to add, after reading this one, I'm looking forward even more to the next book in the series (about the intriguing Lucetta) and unraveling her mysterious past.

Thank you Bethany House for providing a free book for review; I was not required to make the review positive, and all opinions are my own.

A Class of Their Own
1. After a Fashion
2. In Good Company
3. Playing the Part

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