Monday, March 14, 2016

Jen Turano's "Playing the Part" - delightful as always

Cover ArtIn Jen Turano's third novel of the series, A Class of Their Own, Lucetta Plum, a brilliant stage actress, finds herself on the receiving end of too much adoration--to the point where one devoted fan is intent on 'acquiring her,' be it by hook or crook. For safety, her good friend, society matron Abigail Hart, whisks her off to the estate of her reclusive grandson, Bram. Lucetta is dismayed to find herself at the mercy of yet another ardent admirer, yet somehow Bram manages to get under her skin. While she's trying to puzzle the man out, a number of mysterious happenings go on in the Gothic castle. What secrets is Bram hiding? Will they have the courage to reveal their true selves?

Jen Turano's writing is as delightful as ever, complete with her trademark wit and comedic timing. Lucetta's story makes a fine conclusion to the series. I'm glad to have finally learned the secrets in Lucetta's past--and I was even surprised by a couple of those secrets! The mysterious actress is mysterious indeed. Bram is a bit easier to see through, but he's such a sweetheart--if a little daft. But in a completely heart-warming way.

The Gothic castle was a fun setting--you can tell the author had fun penning it, complete as it is with towers, moat, drawbridge, and cannons. It's quirky, yet . . . it fits. And I love the quirky crew of servants and critters that abide there.

Besides learning Lucetta's story, I was glad to follow up with Abigail Hart and finally learn the cause of the rift between her and her daughter. However, this book proves that rifts between mothers and daughters are not all easily mended (theirs being but one example in the story).

Thank you Bethany House for providing a free book in exchange for review; I was not required to make the review positive, and all opinions are my own.

A Class of Their Own
1. After a Fashion
2. In Good Company
3. Playing the Part

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