Monday, September 8, 2014

Lynette Eason's "Nowhere to Turn" - attention-grabbing, action-packed suspense

Nowhere to Turn
In the second of Lynette Eason's Hidden Identity series, Dani Harding, an abused wife and mother to a deaf son, finally gets up the courage to leave her husband, an FBI agent.  On the run, she hears of her husband's sudden death, and so, supposing they are safe, returns home.  However, her husband, a dirty agent, had many secrets that come back to haunt her, and Dani flees again, this time with the help of Adam Buchanan of Operation Refuge.  They know Dani's stalker brother-in-law is after her, but he isn't the only one - the problem is, they don't know who the others are or how they keep finding them.  Wherever they hide, danger swiftly follows; can Adam find a way to save Dani and her son, even if there is nowhere to turn?

Like the book before it, Nowhere to Turn flows like an action movie - every scene is fast-paced and action-packed; every moment that it seems like things could slow down, something happens to ramp up the intensity.  Even near the end, when I thought all was safe - bam!  Eason does an excellent job capturing a reader's attention and not letting go until the very last page. 

I really enjoyed the twisty-complexity of the plot; rather than one villain, there is a host of people after Dani and the things her husband left in the safe.  Amongst all the dirty agents and their cohorts, who is playing who?  Which one is going to come out on top?  Are they all still dancing to the tune of Dani's husband, even from the grave?

I liked the inclusion of Simon, the intelligent but deaf child; his handicap adds depth and suspense to the story. There is not a heavy Christian message, but Dani's circumstances encourage us to keep trusting, whatever the circumstances and however long one must endure them.  An attention-grabbing, action-packed suspense! 

Thank you Revell for providing a free book in exchange for an honest review; I was not required to make it positive, and all opinions are my own.

Hidden Identity
1. No One to Trust
2. Nowhere to Turn
3. No Place to Hide 

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