Friday, April 14, 2017

Becky Wade's "Then Came You" - a unique novella

Then Came You (Bradford Sisters Romance #0.5)In the prequel to Becky Wade's upcoming series, Garner Bradford has just become a single father to an infant girl. With a shattered heart, a family company to consume him, and a child he doesn't know what to do with, he feels lost and broken. Meanwhile, career girl Kathleen Burke settles for a job at Bradford Shipping, waiting for her dream job to open up in New York, yet several years later, she's still stuck in Washington. The main perk is her boss, Garner Bradford, whose tragic life and beautiful eyes may have captured her heart. But with his past and her future goals, will they have anything beyond the present?

The story is pieced together from journal entries, phone messages and conversations, and letters, some sent, others not, making for a unique way of telling the story. I loved that just their words were able to bring out the personalities of all the characters, not just of Garner and Kathleen, and they (especially's Kathleen's letters and messages) conveyed a lot of humor. While the epistolary approach is not one I'd care to read all the time, it is perfect for this story, and it completely captured my attention.

Garner's story, though, was surprisingly moving for a short novella. He makes mistakes, does things that aren't okay by Christian standards. But through his journal entries, he shows a lot of growth and maturation.

It took me a while to figure out how the story precisely ties in to (or rather, sets up) the upcoming series, as I didn't notice any dates early on. But by the end I figured it out, and I'd love to see how Garner's story will affect the three girls in the upcoming books. I'm really looking forward to book one!

Bradford Sisters
0.5: "Then Came You"
1. True to You 
2. Falling for You

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