Monday, January 16, 2017

"At Your Request" by Jan Turano

At Your Request (Apart from the Crowd #0.5)After her father's loss of fortune, Miss Wilhelmina Radcliff was summarily dumped by her fiance and sidelined by society. Thanks to her exquisite penmanship, she has found employment among the fashionable set as a social secretary, penning invitations and guest lists. Amongst the other wallflowers at yet another ball, Wilhelmina encounters Edgar Wanamaker, her oldest and dearest friend--whose proposal she rejected years before. Will they be able to reconcile after all these years and changes of circumstances?

Short, lighthearted fare, this novella is sure to cheer you up. I always love the crazy situations Turano's characters get into; even in a story as short as this, there is still room for several minor disasters, from bustle problems to the cranky New York weather.

I enjoyed getting a taste of the heroines of the series; aside from Wilhelmina, we get to know Permilia the best in this story, but I am definitely looking forward to getting to know Gertrude better, if her quick-thinking falsehood at the ball is any indication of her personality. I also suspect some of the girls' associates--Permilia's stepsister and Gertrude's companion--will prove problematic in the future novels. I can't wait to find out how!

Apart from the Crowd
0.5: "At Your Request" (free prequel novella)
1. Behind the Scenes
2. Out of the Ordinary
3. Caught by Surprise

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