Friday, June 10, 2016

Elizabeth Camden's "Summer of Dreams" - a prequel to the upcoming novel From This Moment

Summer of DreamsDaughter of a general, Evelyn White just wants to attend college to become an engineer and NEVER marry a military man, but a brilliant West Point cadet has her questioning her resolve. Evelyn and Clyde feel instant attraction toward one another as they spend one magical summer together. As their lives become more entwined, their friend Romulus's begins to come undone. When faced with helping Romulus at the expense of his own future, which one will Clyde choose? And when nothing turns out the way Evelyn planned, where will that leave her own future?

From This MomentCamden specializes in female characters who pursue unusual careers--and a female engineer in the late 1800's certainly qualifies as unusual. Granted, Evelyn isn't technically allowed to pursue engineering, but she has an astounding knowledge of hydraulics for someone self-taught. I really liked Clyde, who is willing to sacrifice what is important to him for the better of others. The glimpse of West Point was interesting, especially after reading Siri Mitchell's novel Flirtation Walk, which also took place there, albeit a couple decades earlier.

I read this story with the knowledge that the upcoming book From This Moment is about Evelyn's cousin Romulus, and though he is not the focus of this novella, it gives us an ample look into his strengths and faults, his quirky personality. I certainly look forward to reading his story and finding how he has changed in the intervening years!

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