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Dani Pettrey's "Cold Shot" - excellent, intense start to the series

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In the first Chesapeake Valor novel, ex-sniper-now-park-ranger Griffin McCray runs across a body at Gettysburg--and not a Civil War-era one. Griff calls in his old friend Declan from the FBI, while forensic anthropologist Finley Scott calls a crime scene analyst to help--who just happens to be the third of the old group of four friends that splintered through tragedy back in college. Griff is forced to face not just his history as a sniper, but the harsher past that wounded his closest friends, all while trying to protect the lovely Finley from a threat centering anyone who dares to investigate the murder . . .

Talk about suspense and complexity! Between the complex case and some seriously tough history between the guys (not that Finley lacks her own demons), there is plenty to grab and hold the attention for the entire book. And those little glimpses of the bad guys peppered throughout the book heighten the suspense; just knowing that they're there, watching our heroes' every move, waiting for the perfect time to strike kept me on the edge of my seat.

I loved the team they made--the three old friends: sniper-tuned-park-ranger, forensic scientist, FBI agent, plus the three ladies: forensic anthropologist, photographer, IT whiz--all working together, each with their own special talents brought to the group. It reminded me of the body of Christ, where no two parts are the same, all working for the common good. And without even one of those parts, the body no longer functions as well. I hope they will continue to work cases together in future, even if they belong to different departments and entities.

While there's conclusion to the case, this book sets up the series beautifully. Thanks to deep and intriguing history of the men, it was so easy to become emotionally involved with the other characters--Declan, Parker, Avery, Kate, even the absent Luke--that it makes it painful to wait for the next book. But that is one of several places the author excels: getting the reader hooked on the characters before their stories are even unfolded.

Thank you Bethany House for providing a free book for review; I was not required to make the review positive, and all opinions are my own.

Chesapeake Valor
1. Cold Shot
2. Still Life 
3. Blind Spot
4. Dead Drift (July 2018)

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  1. So true...getting us hooked on people before their stories even come about. I love the way she sets up these stories and am very excited about this series!