Monday, June 4, 2012

The Wanderer's Prayer

I know not where I'm going,
Nor from whence I came,
I only know that I'm going,
And nothing e'er will be the same.

I need to hear the seasons change
And taste both night and day;
To smell the odd, the droll, the strange,
Feel all the wind must say.

I need to see the music flow
Through each and every stream;
Hear the path's soft earthen glow,
And catch each and every dream.

See all there is to see, I must,
Ken all there is to ken;
Feel all there is from love to trust
And taste both now and then.

Walk and wander, rarely stop -
Forever I will run;
Spinning always like a top
Until Thy will be done.

A wander-lust have I at heart,
And with it I must tread,
Until my life is snapped apart
Like a thin and silken thread.

No matter how far I'll ever go,
No matter what I do,
There's something else I need to know -
Something I need from You.

Not clothing will I ask of You,
Nor spoon, knife, fork, nor dish;
Not pencil, paper, pen, nor give
Aught but a simple wish:

I do not wish to walk alone,
So someone with me there must be -
Not Mr. Kent, Trapp, or Malone,
But please, Lord,
You Lord,
Walk with me.

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