Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Dearest Duck Sonja

Sweet Sonja, my duck -
My beloved first child;
Thou cleft unto me 
From out of the wild.

I as thy mother,
Thou followed me 'round,
From pillar to post,
O'er high and low ground.

Trailing directly 
Behind my left foot*                *or right, as occasion should warrant
We walked up the path,
O'er dirt and o'er root.

Searching for worms
Under rock, tin, and tire,
Thou tuggest them out
With a manner inspired.

Shaking and quivering
And tossing thy head,
Gulping and swallowing,
Thou downest them dead.

All sizes of earth worm,
And night crawlers too,
Slide down thy gullet
All the day through.

Chest now distended
And squishy with food,
Thou sleepest it off,
My single-child brood.

Splashing and paddling
Around in the river,
Thou shakest off drops
With thy tail all a-quiver.

And when thou bathest
In the full cattle tank,
Thou divest in deep
And spasht me in prank.

I've learned in this time
That it's a great luck
To love and to cherish
And to mother a duck.

Oh, what great luck to mother a duck!

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