Monday, December 5, 2016

One Enchanted Christmas by Melissa Tagg - a fun, quirky romance

One Enchanted ChristmasAfter Maren Grant falls head-over-heels for the image of the cover model on her first published novel, going on a date with him cements the feeling that it was meant to be. But after a year with only a single postcard and an open invitation to visit his family home in Iowa, as well as an overwhelming case of writer's block, she's losing heart. A friend convinces her to drive down there and use the house as a writer retreat, hoping the change of scenery will stir up ideas for her next book. But what she doesn't expect is to find the house occupied--not by her cover model, but by his responsible older brother Evan. And for reasons known only to him, he invites her stay. And for whatever reason, she agrees. And from there . . .

Why I didn't read this story a year ago is beyond me. I love the author's voice, especially the humor that colors it. It's quirky, fun, and romantic, just like I've come to expect from the author, while still tugging the heartstrings. I love that she writes characters who know how to laugh at themselves. In this world, we need it!

Often times Christmas-related stories can be pretty cheesy, but this is more a story that happens to take place around Christmas, not heavily focused on holiday sentiment. And for fun, it's tied in to the Walker Family series! It's definitely worth the read.

Enchanted Christmas Collection
1. One Enchanted Christmas
2. One Enchanted Eve
3. One Enchanted Noel

Walker Family
0.5: "Three Little Words"
1. From the Start
2. Like Never Before
3. Keep Holding On
3.5: "A Maple Valley Romance" (published in Right Where We Belong collection of small-town novellas)
4. All This Time

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