Friday, September 9, 2016

"A Hope Undaunted" by Julie Lessman

Hope Undaunted, A: A Novel - eBook  -     By: Julie Lessman
Katie O'Connor has planned her life out for herself, and it doesn't involve kowtowing to the whims of the men in her life - not her father, and not her future husband. However, she doesn't have much choice when her father punishes her by sending her to work in the legal department of an orphanage under the authority of her childhood nemesis, Luke McGee. Will they learn to work together? And will Katie learn in time that her plans can't compete with God's plans?

In regards to the O'Connor family, this book is so far my favorite (though I still have two to go!). Even though Katie seems like a spoiled brat at first, she improves quickly and isn't as prone as her older sisters to make foolish choices. She actually might be the most sensible of the four girls, and I like that, though it took me by surprise.

I was pleased to note the return of Cluny, Katie's nemesis from A Passion Denied. While he's not quite the same scene-stealer he was then, I like the man he has become - still at odds with Katie, but honorable and protective. I also liked both friends Parker and Betty a lot, and it's hard to see the heartache they each go through.

I enjoyed the historical aspects of this novel, as it takes place around the stock market crash, and the author is really good about weaving in details of how life is changing with the times. It helps to have read the three Daughters of Boston novels first, as their stories have all continued in A Hope Undaunted, and one can gain quite the historical perspective starting with A Passion Most Pure, which takes place during WWI, and then working onward in time from there.

One side note, I do find it a trifle odd that so far all four O'Connor girls have been engaged to at least one man doomed to never be their husband (if not two men) prior to their marriage . . .

O'Connor Family Saga:

A Light in the Window

Daughters of Boston
1. A Passion Most Pure
2. A Passion Redeemed
3. A Passion Denied

Winds of Change
1. A Hope Undaunted
2. A Heart Revealed
3. A Love Surrendered

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