Monday, April 18, 2016

"A Passion Redeemed" by Julie Lessman - a powerful story aptly titled

Cover ArtIn the second novel following the O'Connor family, Charity O'Connor desperately wants to make editor Mitch Dennehy--her sister's former fiance--fall in love with her. And while she knows the man is not completely immune to her extensive physical charms, he is as least as stubborn as she is. In her single-minded pursuit of the man, will she ultimately be the one who ends up hurt?

Once again, I was tempted to throw the book across the room; Charity just will not learn! (Okay, she does, she just takes a long time to get there.) She is a much more sympathetic character in this novel than the previous (as well she should be), and when she wasn't driving me crazy, I did really like her. I suppose that's how Mitch feels - when she isn't being manipulative, she's very likable. Lovable, even. And I could really feel for Mitch in this book; he's trying so hard to be pure and honorable and Charity is doing her best to drive him from it. Even if he is nigh unto ancient (compared to Charity), I really liked him as a hero. Realistically he's not someone I'd want to marry, but he makes a great hero, with the strength and force of will to handle Charity.

There's a lot of consequences in this book . . . Charity really sets herself up for hurt and heartache by her choices, and the consequences are not easy to bear. But she's also suffering the consequences of other people's sins, and that, I think, is harder for the reader to bear. Her journey is long and hard, but ultimately rewarding. I very much doubt she'll be perfect after this book, but she's come a long, long way.

As the title suggests, there is plenty of passion in this book - sometimes directed in wholesome ways, sometimes not. But there is also redemption, and I'm glad Charity is the recipient of it!

O'Connor Family Saga:

Prequel: "A Light in the Window"

Daughters of Boston
1. A Passion Most Pure
2. A Passion Redeemed
3. A Passion Denied

Winds of Change
1. A Hope Undaunted
2. A Heart Revealed
3. A Love Surrendered

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