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Becky Wade's "Undeniably Yours" - Porter Family, book 1

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Becky Wade begins her Porter Family series with a focus on the oldest Porter child and the wealthy, vulnerable woman with whom he falls in love. When her father dies, Meg inherits majority shares in her family's oil empire and a lot of responsibility she never wanted. Part of her job means weeding out projects that aren't necessary, and her father's thoroughbred farm is one of them. However, firing the man who runs it turns out harder than she thought--Bo Porter refuses to be fired before the horses have a chance to succeed. Meg, wealthy heiress on the outside but marshmallow on the inside, grants him six months to break even. Bo intends to convince her to keep it open permanently; more than just his job is riding on this horse farm. But something hurt and vulnerable in the heiress tugs at his heart, and he can't do it. When a nightmare from her past returns to sever their budding relationship, will they trust God to get them through?

I really like Meg. She's so . . . normal. She isn't brilliant at business, and she lacks confidence, but she is competent. She knows that she's a marshmallow--a big softie--but she isn't a pushover. Like just about every girl I know, she has body image issues but likes to feel pretty. She cries at the drop of a hat. She's not the perky heroine of an adventure novel--she's a normal, vulnerable, real human being.

I love how Meg is given a great burden--her family's money and responsibility--and turns it into something greater than just an oil empire. Meg discovers her passion and God provides a way for her to pursue it. Or is it that God provided for Meg over and abundantly, and she, like the wise man in the parable of the talents, finds a way to invest what He has blessed her with to further God's kingdom? In either case, it's a reminder that God gives us dreams and passions, and He delights to give us the means to pursue them.

Undeniably Yours is a down-to-earth romance full of characters that anyone can relate to. Besides a good dose of humor, some major hurt, and a God-honoring couple, there's also an element of danger to spice things up.

Porter Family Novels
1. Undeniably Yours
2. Meant to Be Mine
3. A Love Like Ours
4. Her One and Only

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