Friday, October 31, 2014

"Out of the Storm" by Jody Hedlund - the novella kick-off to a new series

Out of the Storm
To kick off her new series centered around Michigan lighthouses, Jody Hedlund tantalizes us with a novella, serving as an introduction to Presque Isle, MI (where the first full-length novel also takes place). Given its brevity, I recommend reading the novella rather than descriptions of it - it's a quick enough read, plus the writing itself is superior.

Hedlund's novella contains all her trademarks - a swift-moving storyline, romantic tension, character development - but all in a concise short story. This is among the better novellas I've read. Due to their length, it's hard to develop a strong, meaty story, but Hedlund manages better than most to balance the action, character development, and romance.

My one complaint (which probably is not an issue for many) is that the romance was a bit passionate for my prudish tastes. But it was an enjoyable story all the same, and I liked getting a feel for the series' setting.

Incidentally, this novella, which also includes the first several chapters of Love Unexpected to cruelly hook the reader a couple months in advance of its release, is free on Amazon and

Beacons of Hope
0.5. "Out of the Storm"
1.  Love Unexpected
2. Hearts Made Whole 
3. Undaunted Hope 

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