Thursday, May 24, 2012

The discovery of Sonja, my child for two months

'Twas the last night of volleyball at my brother James' church,
And to satisfy our hunger, for ice cream we searched.
Dairy Queen, now open, sold what we held so dear,
With sundaes and blizzards down the street so near!

We placed our orders and bye and bye,
Came to our ears a heart-wrenching cry!
Alone in the parking lot a little duck waddled,
Desperately seeking and longing to be coddled!

She was covered in down from her head to her tail,
And for two days or less old, she seemed pretty hale.
Her voice, undiminished, loudly pierced the night,
And her little legs sped to the one in her sight.

Yes, to me!  Right onto my hand she came zooming,
Despite my great height that o'er her was looming. 
Cheeping and peeping, she then made a mess
And a yellow-green smear ran right down my dress*            *Poetical license allows me to change my sweaty t-shirt into more elegant attire

With no mama or siblings over her to guard,
We took her to Mom so she can live in our yard.*                 *Or garage, at this point
In an orange box with clippings from the fresh-mowed lawn,
She abides under a heat lamp to keep her warm til the dawn.

This experience has taught me one thing new,
Which I shared after I told this story true:
"It's difficult to eat," I concluded to Mother,
"With a Blizzard in one hand and a duck in the other."

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