Friday, April 17, 2015

Déjà vu, or: Have I seen that cover before?

Ever get the feeling you've seen that cover before?

I noticed a curious phenomenon of late: covers I recognize from Christian books are popping up on different books. Most are not quite the same, with a slightly altered image, or a different pose. Some are on other Christian books, but plenty are in the secular market. 

Part of this, I imagine, is because of the plethora of inexpensive stock photos available online - much cheaper than hiring a model and paying for a photo shoot. But the downside, of course, is that someone else might also buy your cover . . .

Love on the Mend That Certain Spark
These two are both from Bethany House. Besides being different poses, they have been altered sufficiently that it isn't too obvious they're from the same photo shoot. I did hear about this one being a financial choice - that to save money for Karen Witemeyer's $2 e-book "Love on the Mend," they used an old stock photo from their personal collection. Admirably thrifty of them to keep prices down for us. Again, these two covers ended up different enough that I'm not sure if I'd have noticed on my own or not, even though I own both of them.

But how about:
 Stones for Bread  -     By: Christa Parrish
  Mothering From Scratch 
Stones for Bread from Thomas Nelson (2014), Mothering From Scratch from Bethany House (nonfiction, 2015). I don't pay much attention to nonfiction, but the heart cut out of bread dough caught my eye. Several times, in fact, but I always seemed to remember the title wrong. And then I realized there were two, not just one, books coming out within a couple months with the same image. I find it interesting that two of the arguably biggest Christian publishing companies both chose to use it.

The Butterfly and the Violin, Hidden Masterpiece Series #1   -     By: Kristy Cambron
  Hope at Dawn - eBook  -     By: Stacy Henrie
The Butterfly and the Violin  from Thomas Nelson (2014) and Hope at Dawn from Forever (self-published 2014) - slightly different pose, but same model, roses, and shirt. I was confused for the longest time about these two, thinking they were the same book. They came out at the same time, both Christian historical fiction, and one is about WWII and the other WWI - a similar enough theme that I thought I was remembering wrong. But I wasn't. There were actually two different books!

The Promise The PromiseBW The Edge of Never (The Edge of Never, #1) Promise from Thomas Nelson (2014), The Edge of Never from Createspace (self-published, 2012), and Claiming Mariah from Tyndale House (2014). I think the first version of The Promise is the final version, but I do remember seeing advertisements with the second image, which is why The Edge of Never caught me off-guard during a Goodreads giveaway - it definitely was not the same book as The Promise, but it looked so similar that I was deceived for a time. And then there's Claiming Mariah from another noted Christian publisher, but it is much warmer and brighter, with a different feel to the cover.

From the Start
From the Start from Bethany House (2015),  Where Trains Collide from Seasons of a Story (self-published 2015) - different poses, but definitely the same couple. Can't mistake that massive, oatmeal scarf. Bethany House had put out their spring line-up late last summer, so I recognized the couple immediately when I saw a cover reveal for Where Trains Collide. A Lady of Good Family
Among the Fair Magnolias from Thomas Nelson (2015), and A Lady of Good Family from Penguin (2015) - slightly different pose and color, but absolutely the same dress and hair. The detail work on that bodice clinches it.

Together With You Seattle Postmark Forever, Yellow Bird
Together with You from Bethany House (2015), Seattle Postmark from Snug Harbor Press (2014), and Forever, Yellow Bird (self-published 2014) - some books I saw on Goodreads. No mistaking that pose!

Pearl in the Sand Redeeming Liberty (Justice Series #5) Run to Me
 Pearl in the Sand from River North (Moody) (2010), Redeeming Liberty from Micah House Media (2010), and Run to Me from Random House (2013) - again, saw them on Goodreads. The model has such a striking face, I couldn't miss it, even with different coloring.

To Everything a Season Beauty of the Heart: Isabella's Story Autumn Manor 
Bethany House (2014), Tate Publishing (2014), Atlas Productions (2012).  Her hair has been mussed a bit and given some wave for the Bethany House book, but there is no mistaking that model's flawless face. Again, I wouldn't have known of these, but Beauty of the Heart turned up on when I was searching for something else, while Autumn Manor was on a Goodreads giveaway. That familiar model immediately caught my eye. Actually, I think I've seen 5 different books with her on the cover (same pose).

What other cover duplicates have you seen?

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